Mobilegeddon, are you ready?

EntreServ is Ready for “Mobilegeddon” and So Are Our Clients

For the last few weeks, Google Partners such as us have been quietly preparing for what those in the world of online marketing have been referring to as “mobilegeddon”. In the game of search engine optimization, which deals directly with how easily online sites are found when searched or “Googled”, each site’s mobile accessibility has played a part in how high they are ranked on a given page. The winning formula as to how to correctly incorporate mobile access has however, not been a clear-cut process. On Tuesday, April 21st, this will all change.

Since the factors that the folks at Google take into consideration for their maximizing “mobile-friendly” tags have remained unclear, many business owners have just hoped for the best rather than trying to crack the code for optimizing their sites for mobile devices.

We have learned from a recent Google blog post that the titan of all search engines is making a major algorithm change that will forever alter how mobile accessibility is determined. Let’s take a moment here and refresh our memories as to exactly what an algorithm is: (from the Merriam-Webster dictionary) “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.” In other words, algorithms serve as the map or keys to tracking down websites. Having the right map or correct key if you will, is what allows sites to be more readily found on the Internet. This is why understanding the new mobile changes and implementing them into our customer’s websites is so important!

When the news first got out, many industry insiders were brushing it off as just another one of Google’s typical and periodic updating devices. Then one of Google’s Webmaster Trends team, Zineb Ait Bahajji announced at a conference in Munich that, “the new mobile-friendly algorithm change will have more of an impact on search rankings than either Panda or Penguin.” Those were two of the biggest game changing search algorithm updates that Google has ever launched…until this Tuesday!

Although all of the specifics remain to be seen, there are a few things we have learned about this new plan. That’s why for the last few weeks, EntreServ Digital’s webmasters have been very busy implementing a few changes so that our clients’ sites will have maximum mobile access.


Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams. Everyone will have an idea of what they think you should do and what kind of life you should lead, that does not mean they are right. It is hard to take risks and break the norms but if you do and succeed the results will be worth the struggle.
Opening, operating and maintaining your own business is not easy. You will lose friends, time with your family, free time and money. However, that leap of faith could pay off if done the right way. Your family, friends and loved ones may tell you that the results are not worth the hard work. You may see them going on vacation twice a year and living comfortable lives but nothing good worth having comes without hard work.
Steve Jobs and numerous other entrepreneurs failed to follow a traditional path, instead they made their own ways. There is no guarantee that things will end successfully but there is also no guarantee that they will not. Sometimes the hardest thing is not putting in the time and money but rather trudging through without support. Be your own support, let others know that you have confidence in what you are doing, don’t let anything break your spirit and always look forward.
Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it requires a lot of sacrifice. That is why not everyone is cut out for the job. However, if you are up to the challenge know that the rewards could be great.


When you are on the road to success sometimes it can be hard to stop and smell the roses. You have to remember that there is more to life than success. If you spend all of your time working toward a goal you could miss out on some of the best things that life has to offer.
By no means do you need to stop working hard and achieving greatness but prioritize things that are important to you in your work life as well as things that are important in your personal life. If you don’t spend time with family or on vacation or even doing the hobbies that you love you will likely run out of steam sooner or later. Self-care is just as important when looking at what it takes to be successful as a good work ethic or a sound business plan.
Taking time for yourself means something different to everyone, whether it be a week out of every month or an hour out of the day make sure to listen to your mind and body to figure out what you need to regenerate. With a more rested mind you will be able to think more clearly and work with much more efficiency.
Remember, you only have one life to live so keeping it balanced with drive as well as pleasure is essential. No one wants to look back and wish that they had done things differently. Therefore, make time and prioritize what matters to you.

Honesty is the Best Policy

We spend months, weeks, days and hours weekly trying to figure out what and who we are going to be for Halloween. Although we tend to dress like provocative nurses or sexy firemen it is one of the only times during the year when we feel courageous enough to be who and what we want. But, why does it take a silly costume to let out our inner selves?
If you take the time to look at the comment section of a Youtube video or online blog you will find that same kind of courageous spirit. Anonymous online people let their feelings and opinions fly free in the most honest and brutal ways.
It is easy to hide behind a mask or a keyboard and let your true thoughts, feelings and expressions fly. But, why not practice being professionally honest every day? Honesty is not a bad thing, when used in the right way. Being honest with people that you are in relationships with can help build deeper more positive connections.
Studies show that people who are honest are often viewed as being more courageous, trustworthy and positively.
Now being honest about who you are is not an excuse to be mean, tactless or unprofessional. Like everything else there are ways to be appropriate and ways to be extreme. Don’t be tactless or inappropriate but let people know the real you. Honesty is the best policy.

Office Morale

Everyone loves the holidays, so when they approach the morale of the office tends to skyrocket. But with that spirit boost often comes slacking off on work and missing deadlines. When people’s minds are at home on food, presents, vacation and travel it is hard to crunch numbers and get the job done.
So, how can you both make people focus on the job at hand while encouraging the positive attitude that the holidays bring?
The most effective way to do this is through encouragement. Praise your staff and coworkers for their hard work during the holiday season. Let them know that you appreciate what they do and remind them just how important their job is. Nothing is more effective than positive energy.
If sales or service starts to drop don’t be afraid to remind people that there is still work to be done. Don’t be afraid to correct inappropriate behavior in an efficient way.
Lastly, lead by example. If you start relaxing and losing your work head you can only expect others to do the same. Keep doing your job 110 percent and you can expect others to keep doing theirs’. It is hard to complain about behavior that you are also displaying.
So, by keeping up work morale with positive encouragement, reminders and leading by example you can ensure that your business will do just as well around the holidays as it does during every other part of the year.

Tips to Live By

Perhaps you dream of starting your own business or maybe you have already started and don’t know where to go next. Maybe you have been in the game for a little while but are still waiting for that successful break. If any of these sound like you then keep reading this article.
I am about to provide you with some tips that will help you and your business succeed to whatever heights you wish to go.
The first tip that every entrepreneur should follow is that you are in fact in charge of your own destiny. However successful you wish to be you can be once you realize that your future is in your hands.
Secondly, believe in yourself and your company. Your company may start out small but it won’t always stay that way. Make sure to invest in yourself. This will take a lot of time, sacrifice and dedication but it is essential. Most of the business that small businesses receive is through return customers so you have to make sure to have quality before quantity.
Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is how we grow, it is how we learn not to commit the same mistakes over and over again. You will not be perfect at the beginning, hardly anyone is but the important thing is that you get back up.
So, with the right attitude, dedication and hard work you can turn your future into your dream. All you have to do is put in the time and effort.

Make Your Own Rules

Americans work hard so that when they are older they can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. But, is it the same for entrepreneurs? If you have worked hard for ten to fifteen years to create your own successful business when do you stop? Do you stop working when you are rich or when you are tired of dealing with your business? What if you want to come back to work after retirement? To answer these questions, let’s look to our all-time favorite role models, celebrities. Beyoncé, Madonna and the Olsen Twins have all taught us that you can stop whenever you want. Beyoncé had a goal of retirement once she was 30, however, now that she has reached that age she is still up and at it. The answer to these questions is you do your job as long as you are in love with it. If you are a Madonna you may never want to retire. Traveling the world, doing what you love, and creating new things may never get old. For the Olsen Twins perhaps starring in movies and making brands from their name was too much for them and it was time to embark on something more age appropriate for their lifestyles. You may never want to give up what you do, you might want to tweak it or perhaps you will find that what you do has never been a job but rather just something you love. There is no right answer for when to stop when you are an entrepreneur, you simply make your own rules.

Being a Good Leader

No one wants to follow a leader that is not confident in their decision making.  If you are not 100 percent backing an idea or belief why should anyone else?  However, confidence should never be mistaken for overconfidence.  If you have entirely too much confidence it can have the same, if not worse effects as a lack of it.  Why would anyone want to be on your team if you have no room for them? So, how do you reach that happy medium and what does ego really say about you?

Being a leader is hard work but with the right amount of confidence and sincerity people will respect you.  You do not have to have all of the answers and solutions.  Instead having the confidence to say that you do not know the answers all the time and learning how to delegate tasks using teamwork is much more effective.

When you move in the extreme in either direction (either trying to do it all, all of the time or not doing enough) people tend to not trust your leadership or work as a team.  When you have an ego that is too it usually means that you are trying to disguise an innate lack of self-esteem.

So, don’t be a Kanye but don’t be a pushover either.  Just be yourself and believe in what you stand for.  If you have that sincereity within you others will follow with little to no effort.

Hire Right

A big part of a good business is making sure that you have the right staff.  Many people are clueless when it comes to hiring the appropriate staff that will not only do a sufficient job but will also make the business thrive.

People are trained on how to act during an interview process in order to get the job.  Smile, be articulate, engaging, look the employer in the eye and have a firm handshake.  All of these things are essential (as people skills can make a big difference).  However, as an employer you need to look past the glam in order to find the right person for your business.

If everyone in your company is a people person with the same exact personality you may not have the most effective community.  Instead of hiring the same person over and over hire people that will do their jobs with the utmost efficiency, are good at what they do, will be loyal to your company, believe in your cause and have can accommodate to the vibe of the business.

Some key ways of telling if someone is right for you is by asking then what they think of what your company does and have any prior knowledge of background with it.  Another way of finding out if they are sincere is by asking them the same question more than once at the beginning of the interview and then again at the conclusion.

You cannot find the perfect team without trial and error but once you do you will notice the difference.  Your business will be the best it possibly could be with the right support.

The Life of a Comedian

Many of us know Joan Rivers as the raunchy show host of a fashion show on E!.  She was the woman on TV that has looked the same for over 20 years and has an overly critical style of humor (we all love to listen to her jokes but would hate to be the brunt of them).  In reality, this interpretation of the late and great Joan Rivers could not be more limited.

Rivers was born in Brooklyn New York in the 1930s in a Russian Jewish household.  She attended college in Connecticut and afterwards fought her way into show business.  She began her journey by appearing in a play during the 1950s where she played the role of a lesbian interested in the then unknown Barbara Streisand.

Throughout the years Joan Rivers established herself as a well-to-do female comedian as she appeared on the Johnny Carson show countless times.  She then branched into her own comedy specials, writing books and eventually becoming the producer of her own show.

Joan Rivers was influential in more ways than none.  Not only did she become a multifaceted entrepreneur that left a legacy for her daughter, Melissa.  She also broke the rules by becoming one of the first and perhaps most raunchy female comedians of our time.  Before she emerged “upper class” women did not say the things that she said; and they certainly did not say them in public.

Joan Rivers was a feminist, an entrepreneur, a hard worker and most of all a woman who knew how to make people laugh.  Her legacy is groundbreaking and she will be missed.